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    Side Draw Seed Tenders

  A Simple way to fill your Air-Seeder!

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Our unique design makes it easy to use and easy to service.

Multiple sizes available to match your airseeder compartments.


Multiple uses from one tank, fill all compartments of your airseeder with only one trailer.


Compartment sizes from 200 up to 325 bushels.

Available in 2, 3, 4, or 5 hoppers. 


Heavy Duty/Industrial chemical resistant paint.


Standard, easy to use, heavy duty roll tarp comes with manual crank handle or optional electric motor.


The manual crank gate and slide chute is easy to use and easily keeps up with a 13" auger.

Our chutes are the lowest in the industry which helps on windy days.

The gates come with easy to use hand cranks or can be operated with a remote control.


Keep the chutes in their up-right position and you can haul grain at harvest time, home to the bins or directly to the elevator pit!

A perfect fit for filling your airseeder auger/conveyor and for bringing your grain back to the yard or elevator.

Also a perfect way to screen your fertilizer as it flows out of the Side Draw!


Click here for our Side Draw Brochure

Available in these standard configurations:

SD1580NT: 40ft Tridem - 4 hoppers @ 315bu (395cu/ft)

SD1580NT5: 40ft Tridem - 5 hoppers @ 250bu (315cu/ft)

SD1770NT: 45ft Tridem - 5 hoppers @ 285bu (355cu/ft)

SD1185NT : 30ft Tandem - 3 hoppers @ 315bu (395cu/ft)

SD790: Truck Mount (hopper sizes depending on truck frame length)

SD Super B: 6 hoppers @ 315bu (395cu/ft ea)

SD with deck: Tridem or tandem with 2 or 3 hoppers


Standard, crank handle locking system. To lock the handle in place when using the manual crank handles.


Standard, galvanized chutes. (SS optional). Have the lowest reach and the fastest unload speed in the industry!


Stone Chip Protection.             The only trailer that offers an added protection against the rocks and stones that can damage the paint.

LED work lights. Provides bright lights for night time work.

Electrical junction box. Provides alternative operation from the remote control.

Stone Chip[.jpg
Elec box - 5 gate SD.jpg

Perfect for Hauling Fertilizer

Optional Stainless Steel gates, chutes, and EPOXY coated interiors make this trailer a great fit to haul fertilizer!


Optional Stainless Steel Gates & Chutes


Optional Stainless Steel Chute Extensions


EPOXY coated interiors 


Schmaltz 1
Schmaltz 2
3 Hopper SD 3
April 4 005-30
Drill Fill 1

Customer Testimonials

"Our Side Draw works flawlessly! We love this rig and how much more efficient we are at seeding with it. Keep up the good work!"

- Kent Schmaltz    North Dakota, USA

"I've used my Side Draw for a couple of seasons and I am very happy with the purchase. We've reduced our fill times to under 20mins total for a 700bu aircart! I also like the simplicity of it, I highly recommend's the best money I've ever spent!"

- Todd Holland  Avonlea, SK

"We really like our Side Draw  that we purchased in the mid 1980's. We use it to haul all of our seed and fertilizer to the field every year as it's very easy to use with our airseeder!"

- John Berthaudin  Ste Rose, MB

"I am very happy with my Side Draw Drill Fill as I use it for both seeding and harvest. I really like it for its simplicity and would buy it all over again if need be!"

- Richard Huot, Huot Farms  Legal, AB

   Available in a Super B that can haul up to 1900bu!


Also available with a flat deck!

Use the deck to carry inoculant or install a tank for liquid!

"Strength to Depend on, a Name you can Trust!"

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