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Seed Tenders

Haul All Industries' seed tenders come in two different models and multiple sizes in each model. Our powerful conveyors are gentle on seed and are available with or without a trailer.

Every unit comes standard with an 8" (or optional 10") unload swing conveyor, ladder, and heavy duty manual roll tarp.

All models come in three different sizes: 250bu (310 seed units), 350bu (430 seed units), and 450bu (560 seed units) and have split tanks to hold two products at the same time.

Chemical resistant paint.

Seed Tender - EC Model:

- Manual Gates

- Corded remote by the conveyor discharge head allows the user to control the speed of the conveyor – perfect for filling planter boxes!

- 9hp or 14hp Kohler engine with electric start.

-Weigh scale option available.       Ask us about trailers!

Click here for the EC Seed Tender Brochure

Seed Tender - Hyd Model:

- Each unit comes with a powerful hydraulic system run by a 14hp Kohler engine.

- The wireless remote control allows the user to operate the gates and belt quickly and safely, plus it controls the conveyor up/down, and turns the belt on/off.

Weigh scale option available.


Chemical resistant paint.


Standard, heavy duty, easy to use manual or optional electric roll tarp.


Ask us about trailers!

Optional Electric Roll Tarp

"We have a 12 yr old seed tender that works great! We highly recommend going with a Haul All seed tender!"

- Brandon L., North Dakota

Optional Hydraulic Swing

“I am a firm believer in the Haul All seed tenders for hauling seed to my customers. My three units work very hard for me and have always been reliable!”

- Robert Bledsoe, Newport, Arkansas

Click here for the Hyd Seed Tender Brochure

Optional Hydraulic Swing