Poly Cupped Flighting

Replace your old, worn-out steel flighting with poly-cupped flighting.

Poly-cupped flighting has been tested and proven to be more gentle on your seeds and beans than any other flighting or conveyor system on the market!


It runs smoother and has excellent durability and because it is cupped, it also moves a lot of product.


Available in many different sizes.

The rugged flighting that’s gentle to
grain and seed.


What happens when you combine the longevity of poly technology with trusted university testing?

You get Poly Cupped Flighting, a tough industry giant that handles your crop with care.

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Tough to Beat

Go ahead and try. Poly Cupped Flighting is tough enough to handle anything you throw its way. With the hi-tech durability to rival steel, Poly Cupped Flighting has become the choice of the hardest-working machines around.

Protect Your Seed Investment

With sprays and treatments available by the truckload, "yield" seems to be the word of the day. Yet there’s one sure way to maximize your yield potential from the start: be sure to deliver intact seed to your field! Poly Cupped Flighting is designed to do just that, deliver more intact seed through gentle seed handling. University testing concludes that Poly Cupped Flighting delivers noticeably more intact seed to your field.

98.5% Germination Rate

University testing proves that poly will only decrease germination by 1.5% and that beats everything else on the market!


Click the link below for the test report by the Ohio State University.

Click here for the Poly Cupped Flighting Brochure

"After using poly cupped flighting I looked at the soybean seed in the seed boxes of my John Deere planter and noticed that there was ZERO seed damage. Thank You!"

- Glen Watson, Elm Creek, Manitoba