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Fertilizer Tenders

"Strength to Depend on, a Name you can Trust!"

Haul All Industries offers the FERTILIZER TENDER in many sizes to fit your application. Using either your truck’s hydraulics or our powerful wetkit, our standard 10” augers allow for a fast unload rate to keep your applicators moving.

Choose compartment sizes to custom fit your fertilizer applicator perfectly.

Rear discharge auger hydraulically lifts up to a height of 15’ (depending on trailer height).

Front catwalk and ladder allow easy viewing inside the hoppers.

Stainless steel hand-crank gates are standard to ensure functionality while working with fertilizer.

Hydraulic selector valves allow you to operate the 2 augers independently.

Standard heavy duty, easy to use, electric roll tarp and optional LED work-lights.


Click here for our Fertilizer Tender Brochure

Optional - Belly dump only.

  - SS auger tube/flighting

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