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Mission Statement

We exist to move the world's most important commodities. Using our 8-Step quality assurance program we build high-quality trailers that can be passed down to the next generation


Background and Company History

Our manufacturing facility is located in the heart of the Red River Valley, just outside the town of Rosenort, MB where we design and manufacture all of our top-quality Side Draw Seed Tenders, Seed Tenders, Fertilizer Tenders, and Bin Lids.

For over 40 years, Haul All Industries was owned and operated by the same family and as of January, 2016 the company was sold to another local family with a manufacturing background. This new ownership has brought in new vision and ambition to grow.

With sales in both Canada and the United States, Haul All Industries continues to remain in tune with the ever-changing needs of our customers and this has allowed for growth in many different areas in the agricultural market.

It is our ability to develop relationships with each customer, as well as our commitment to the quality and constant improvement of our products that has made Haul All Industries an integral part of your farm or Ag Retail business over the years.

The Team

Brent Friesen

General Manager

Office: 1-204-746-8260 ext#105

Trever Broughton 

Operations Manager

Office: 1-204-746-8260

Nick Matichuk


Office: 1-204-746-8260 ext#102

Maddie Klassen


Office: 1-204-746-8260 mainline

Chad Loewen    Production Manager

Office: 1-204-746-8260 ext#103

Brenden Valks

Purchasing Manager

Office: 1-204-746-8260 ext#104

Eddilee Sias



Nick Matichuk

1-204-746-8260     ext:102

Pictures from the good ol' days!
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